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Hello, that's me!

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An introduction

My name is - yes, you already guessed it - Gerrit Hohl. Also I'm working as a software developer for quiet some time now (maybe ~18 years), that passion for programming started a lot earlier.

Programming, projects, etc.

If you interested in my programmer history, please, see the Programming page.

Here I want to show some of the projects I'm currently working on in my spare time. And also some I plan (or I'm interested to do) in the future.

I also offer some tutorials about computer related topics in general as well as programming related topics in particular. As my time is limited, please, don't be disappointed if there aren't many at the beginning and also if maybe only now and then a new one will appear.

Private life

Beside my job and programming in my spare time I also do other things, of course. I'm a fan of going jogging as it gives me some time to think about various things (beside that it helps to keep in shape). And a few times I got the idea of solving a programming problem when jogging.

I'm a volunteer in the local youth work and leading a group there (which I do since I'm 14 or 15). If you're sitting in the front of a computer all day long, 5 days (or more) a week, you definitely need something to balance this in an aspect of communicating with people. Also developers talk a lot more than the stereotype of developers people might have about them. Sometimes you're even happy when there are no project meetings.

Last but not not least I started learning Japanese in 2011 at the local adult education centre. And I still do. Unfortunately they offer only 24 evenings a year and each lesson is only 90 minutes. So I decided to speed things up and went to Japanese school in Tokyo in 2016 for 4 months (one time 3 months and one time 1 month) including a home stay for the whole period. What should I say: I still have a long way to go, but I'm more motivated than ever before. Seems to be clear were I will spend my next vacations...

P.S.: If you're looking for a Japanese language school in Tokyo, I recommend the KAI Japanese Language School. They have really great teachers, offer different types of courses (as well as private lessons) and you have the chance to meet a lot of nice and unique classmates from all over the world. I also recommend to do a home stay during that time. You will be able to get more involved in Japanese culture and Japanese society.